dilluns, 9 de desembre de 2013

"They say the house is haunted…
Slowly, softly, dust drifts and settles.
Cautiously, mice creep by.
Faintly, moonbeams gleam and glimmer.
Distantly, owls ask who and why.
Suddenly, out of the dusty darkness,
Bats blindly beat their blue-black wings.
They say the house is haunted… is it?
Softly, the sad-eyed lady sings."

Person Education

3 comentaris:

tatio viana ha dit...

Preciosa, Roger.

Jaume Balaguer Vicent ha dit...

Quina canya Roger. Felicitats, té un aire clàssic que m'encanta.
Una abraçada!!!

Roger Simó ha dit...